The Lybstes App

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Preview of the Lybstes App one two phone mockups.

Together with the LYBSTES Team, we have designed and developed the completely new LYBSTES app. In the app, users can get inspiration, browse the fabric library and combine it with Lybstes patterns in the configurator to better plan sewing projects.

Additionally, the LYBSTES app allows users to take pictures of fabrics, upload them for usage within the configurator.

The Lybstes. App - The first app, where you can apply fabrics to patterns.

Screen which shows an overview page of available sewing patterns.
Illustration of a boy with a floating umbrella.Illustration of a whale.
Mood image which shows the app on a phone mockup and an illustrated camera on some fabrics.
Illustration of a kid with a stuffed animal and a paper boat.Illustration of an octopus.
Screen which show the profile page of the Lybstes app.Screen which shows an inspiration page of the Lybstes App.

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Technical Lead

Lukas Schardt

Technical Lead

Creative Lead

Johannes Zimmer

Creative Lead

UI & Visual Design

Sanja Zühlsdorff

UI & Visual Design

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