It’s all about nice Illustrations

In order to create lovable products, you need emotional visuals. We deliver that in the form of illustrations, and yes: we love them.


We created an illustration design system for the mobile payment app "Mobiles Bezahlen" of the Sparkassen. With these illustrations we convey emotions to the customers, which are otherwise very rare in a banking app. Many thanks to our client S Payment GmbH for the trust.

Illustration of a person holding a smartphone. A table with a wallet in the background and and arrow pointing from the phone to a card in the wallet.
An arm with a hand holding a small red flag. Furniture in the background.An arm with a digital watch around the wrist. Furniture in the background.To legs with shoes that are tied together by their laces.
Illustration of a small store surrounded by a park and buildings. There are people and dogs.Illustration of a person paying contactless inside a restaurant.
Illustration of a hand holding a coffee with latte art.Illustration of a flower and a cup of coffee which fell over and spilled the coffee.Illustration of falling money and a hand catching it.
Illustration of a person sitting on a couch and using a mobile app. Screens from the app are floating around the phone.

ein kreativer Abend

We did a lot of illustrations, visual designs and other creative things for our own format “Ein kreativer Abend”.

Haspa Next

For our client Haspa Next, we developed a new illustration style that is used on the website and in presentations.

Dark illustration of a person running from one dimension in another.
Blue illustration of someone looking through a looking glass directly at earth (which is attached to the looking glass). Multiple people are climbing on top a small building.Dark illustration of two people talking about banking.

Call of Invest

We have created over 1,500 illustrations for our Call of Invest app. With the "Avatar Creator" within the app, users can configure their own avatar.

Illustration of multiple people and a parrot.

Free Work

Some of the free work of our main illustrator Laura Vogiatzis.

Illustration of two people leaning into a kiss.Illustration of a naked person covering their breasts.
Illustration of an antique vase with a pegasus on the vase.Illustration of a red flower.


We did this funny illustrations for our own myScooter app.

Illustration of a person riding a scooter sitting down.Illustration of a person riding an e-scooter and giving a thumbs up.

Emoji Set

Together with our 3D friend Thorge Dammann we created an emoji set and build some visuals for a client prototyping project.

Digital image of two people with 3d emoji heads talking to each other. 3d emojis are everywhere.


We created this playful illustration style for our client Parrot Polls.

Illustration of a person in front of a big plant. Emojis with different moods are flying around the person.Illustration of 4 people in front of a flip chart and giving different kind of feedback.
Illustration of a cup with pens, a ruler, scissors and small flag with "Let's go".Image of a person holding a happy emoji on a stick in front of their face.

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