The origins of Bingo

From Bingo & Champagne to

The web application on phone mockups.

In the beginning there was our analog gaming-show called "Bingo & Schampus" ("Bingo & Champagne"), taking place on several occasions like the Dockville Festival ( or at.tension (

Hosted by our passionate "stage hog" Johannes the show always livened up some company events or just helped to raise some funds for good causes (e.g.

In 2019 during the first COVID-19 lockdown, with all event- and cultural-locations beeing forced to shut their doors for an indefinite period of time, we needed to adapt the concept of playing bingo and win a bottle of sparkling wine into digital surroundings.

An early Design state of our “Bingo & Champagne” Webapp with quiz and voting integration.

An early Design state of our “Bingo & Champagne” Webapp with quiz and voting integration.

The Kids want Bingo. was born: a platform for remotely gaining a bingo-ticket on your smartphone and to join a hosted streaming-event. Starting with our local resident club, we've soon been approached by other institutions, looking for an easy way to interact with their viewers in online-streaming events and to brand this process for any respective purpose.

And since we participated in numerous streaming-events for locations, clubs, etc. like "Ritter Butzke" ( or online festivals like "Festival für Festivals" ( we have been wondering about further improvements and how to keep this "vibe" alive - even when COVID-19 will be over some day.

"Festival für Festivals" Logo.

So we expanded, kicked out the need for streams to be watched (sorry, Johannes - less spotlight-moments for you...😝) and transformed into an automated service-platform, providing the user with a full "Bingo"-experience: Custom show-/roomname, custom logo, custom background, custom or random number-draw, no need to follow any online-stream.

Illustration of a hand with small illustrated bingo balls around the hand. Illustration of a hand holding an illustrated microphone.

Let pure fun be your host

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